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Mr Jason Kok is recognised as “The Top Networker” and “Walking Testimony” among the elite networkers in the MLM Industry.

An auditor by profession, he started his carrer in The Auditor General office attached to Inland Revenue Department till 1986.

He terminated his services with a merchant bank after 3 years, left the corporate sector and embark in the MLM Industry full time till today. With 25 years of exposure in MLM, Mr. Jason is not only responsible to determine the company's development and direction, but also proven to be a MENTOR to Kenshido International. Mr. Jason is a 'living example” who always emphasize on sincerity involving both company and networkers.
Outstanding Skills:

1. Financial Management
2. Dream Builder
3. Networker Relationship
4. System Training
5. System Support

Often, we harbour certain hopes in our hearts towards our children. Undeniably, there are a whole host of interplaying factors that shape the outcomes of our children's individual lives. However, as parents we could give them a head start in life by putting them on the right launching pads from the early stage.

"To be or not to be, that is the question" a famous quote from Hamlet by Shakespeare, is a question we often ask of ourselves and especially, of our children. What are they to be, what would we like them to be and most importantly, what we not like them to be. The difference is, how far we would go for the best for our children's future.